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Business concept

Industry sectors such as banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Telecoms and Transport, as well as State Authorities and Public Utility Companies are in a constant need for experts to address their ever changing business requirements, regulations and technological evolution. Their competence is depended on the quest of knowledge, the adoption of industry skills and the implementation of best practices, elements that are not necessarily within the mainline of their business objective.

The recruitment of permanent staff to address special or temporary needs hides serious risks and weaknesses that are difficult to leverage with the relevant investments.

Some factors of Permanent Recruitment of experts versus Outsourced/Residency Consulting Expert Services that you should take into account are: Time to respond, permanence of need, transfer of industry skills & practices, failure to deliver, change, future obsolescence of knowledge, legitimate absences, problems in human behaviour, impact on dismissals, HR surplus, cost & ROI.

SYNTAX Outsource and Residency Expert Services enable leading enterprises and organizations to cover their needs in a spontaneous and effective way and on justified cost. SYNTAX undertakes the responsibility to deliver the services when and where needed, regardless of individuals, while the customers retain the right of choice of the consultants.

With long and vast experience in the area of IT and Information Systems Management SYNTAX is a proven provider of consulting services. Our high level consultants offer advisory and professional services at the premises of our customers.

SYNTAX Services are ISO 9001 2000 and 27001 2013 certified. The certification covers the whole process, from the choice of consultants to the assurance of customer satisfaction. We hire our consultants with strict criteria based on their academic background, experience, professional competence, skills and character. From the very start of their employment, we invest on their lifelong professional education and skills development.

In parallel, Syntax specialization in implementing Data Management, Applications Development & Legacy Modernization, Security & Risk Management and IT Operations & Business Service Management, technologies constitutes an important source of consolidated knowledge that enriches the competence of our consultants and adds a unique advantage to our customers.

Contact us now; we will be delighted to assess the benefits you can get by hiring our expert outsource or residency services to your organization. 

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